Property Management

Property management is one of our core strengths at Strata Realty. We really aim to maximize investors' return, asset appreciation and performance. Most of all, we want to give our clients peace of mind. Engaging Strata Realty to oversee general operations allows you to spend more time on your business strengths and improving your bottom line.

We incorporate several elements in our approach to property management: operations, staff management, administration, finance, and accounting. And to do this, we choose a management team comprised of experienced and knowledgeable individuals familiar with properties in the local market. The team we choose for you will understand your goals and will be committed to the continual improvement of the operational efficiency and tenant services for each of your properties.

Operations, Staff Management and Administration
Our management services include supervision of general operations, lease administration, employee recruiting/hiring/disciplining, tenant retention (with customized tenant service module), consistent property inspections, purchases, tracking and billing CAM charges and even uniform service deliveries.

Finance and Accounting
We will monitor all accounting procedures with updates and monthly reports provided to upper management, collect rents and other fees from residents, commercial tenants and vendors. We'll also prepare recommended annual budgets and maintain accurate records of all receipts, disbursements, balance sheet and comparison to budget of actual operations.

Management Team Integration
It's important to us that we create a sound work environment between our team and your team. The workflow generated by the combined efforts will elevate the overall market image of your property and tenant retention. Our ultimate objective will always be to provide our clients with value and to continue building successful relationships between all parties involved.

I was nervous about putting my building on the market in the beginning of 2008 because it seemed like the economy was suffering badly.  But about one month after listing my property with Strata, they got in touch with an out-of-state company looking in the area.  The principals were only going to be in town for one more day.  Strata was able to meet them within the hour for a property tour and we negotiated a lease deal within the next two days.  Thank you Strata for the short lease-up time in such uncertain market conditions.

Joe Alfaro,
Excel Landscape

 Corona Spectrum

Corona Spectrum

  • Managed by Strata Realty since 2004
  • 51,000 SF Master-Planned Office Park